What kind of sissy are you?

1.) I am girlish all under...

  I love to look at panties in Victoriaís Secret. Iíll get my own someday.
  I have been sneeky and swiped some panties. Iím so ashamed!
  I own a drawer full of my very own panties.
  I quietly cherish my panties.
  You should see my erection through my panties Ė it is simply magnificent!

2.) Around the house, I clean up...

  If a Mistress will follow me with a crop, Iíll do a little house work.
  I check off my list of chores dutifully.
  I try to avoid it at all costs.
  I was MAID for it!
  When requested I will do as Iím asked.

3.) I have selected the perfect girlish name for myself...

  I struggle with this and have yet to find the name for me.
  I named myself after my favorite female porn star because Iím trying to be just like her.
  I femininized my boyish name.
  I have selected several names over time Ė always seeking to fit my feminine demeanor perfectly.
  My Mistress decided what I should be called.

4.) My feminine self has been out adventuring...

  I go out regularly en femme and feel that wonderful rush of excitement when Iím on the town. I have worked and honed my skills!
  Whenever I get a chance, I make a special occasion out of going out en femme.
  I have met others either privately or dressed Ė itís better to have a friend to encourage me.
  I dress up whenever I might be able to score en femme. If not then, I dress up for my scheduled days.
  On Halloween, I am able to put on a womanly costume.

5.) When you see a model in lingerie do you think...

  I know I would be so hot in that lingerie!
  I want her.
  I want to be her.
  I will keep working on my figure so eventually I can look that good.
  I want to buy that lingerie!

6.) Women are Superior to men...

  I can only hope to be more like them although Iím a pathetic male. I worship femininity and try to serve whenever possible.
  I am always nice to women and I try to be as girlish as possible myself.
  They have it all naturally.
  I am becoming girlish..
  It depends on the woman.

7.) When I hear the words ďsatinĒ and ďlaceĒ...

  I run to my closet and find the perfect outfit.
  I try to decide which I like better.
  I look in the mirror and behold the sissy Iíve become.
  I think of how wonderful they both feel on my body.
  It invokes a deep longing.

8.) The song that best describes me is...

  Dude Looks Like a Lady
  Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  Take a Walk on the Wild Side
  Sweet Transvestite

9.) Regarding the Masturbation Schedule - when I think about my special day(s)...

  I continue with my chores. Iím well tucked and under control.
  I pause to imagine what I will wear.
  I remember my last day fondly.
  Sometimes I fail to wait.
  Special days? I will apply for my schedule someday perhaps.

10.) I think life would be perfect...

  If my training and good behavior would attract a Superior.
  If I could be a 24/7 sex slave.
  If I could win the lotto.
  If a Superior were to take me under her wing and train me to be the best sissy for her.
  If I could please my Superior 24/7.

11.) What would you like to improve about yourself as a sissy?

  My stealthy acquisition of panties.
  My girlish essence.
  My servitude.
  sissySex skills of course!
  I am not sure I have time for a rigorous training program.

12.) First page you want to see when you enter the House of Sissify:

  Behavior Modifications
  Stories of Feminization
  The Look at Me Gallery and of couse, sissySex!
  The Wank-o-Matic
  Everything thatís new and noteworthy! And the Princess on Parade, and Talk to me Chat andÖ andÖ.

13.) You are to take a dance class. You select

  belly dancing
  Ballroom dancing
  Dirty dancing
  I have no rhythm

14.) On your legs you wear...

  Crotchless hosiery
  Socks Ė I like socks
  Pantyhose or any type of hosiery will do
  Thigh high stayups
  Stocking and garters

15.) Your goal at the House of Sissify is...

  To look better and gain skills
  To see as much as I can
  To learn to serve and improve myself
  To find the juicy parts
  To become a shemale sex slave

16.) How high are your heels?

  6 inches
  5 inches
  3 inches
  sky-high stilettos
  I am not sure what size I am

17.) In your fantasy, a strong Woman approaches you and...

  Slaps my face
  Makes me her sex slave
  Asks me to dance and then takes the lead
  Continues my feminization
  Takes me into service with her

18.) Your dream weekend vacation:

  To take my Mistress/Master wherever She/He wants to go
  To a fetish party
  A whirlwind makeover and shopping weekend
  Out to a drag bar
  Baby, letís get a room

19.) You are best described as...

  Shaved, smooth, powedered and perfumed Ė and oh yes, tucked and quite frequently plugged.
  Shaved, in stockings, heels and lingerie
  Shaved, when possible, and always in panties
  Shaved, wearing a thong, and sexy as hell
  I am scared to shave

20.) How do you describe yourself?

  A slut
  A pantyslut
  A sissy maid
  A sissy slave