What is your panty personality?

1.) Do you find it is difficult for you to turn others on?

  I will never tell!
  Yes, itís a rare and wonderful person who is turned on by me.
  I actually carry a baseball bat to ward off such predators. Unless, you know, they're hot
  I'm sorry; I'm too busy strutting my stuff to notice.
  I turn them on and then make them wait

2.) Do you personally get turned on by the unusual things?

  What exactly is ďunusualĒ?
  Only in the most healthy ways.
  Getting turned on would clog my inner psyche.
  Not really, unless theyíre really hot.
  My TOOTHBRUSH turns me on!

3.) Do you like spending a great deal of time at parties, clubs, bars, etc?

  I have to, I'm the entertainment. Pole dancing is too a legitimate career.
  No, I prefer the great outdoors and sports.
  No, I never leave my house. I knit.
  Sometimes, but remember, I do have my standards.
  Occasionally, I will go out to be seen. Then I LOVE them.

4.) Have you ever gotten so excited about your panties that you violated your schedule?

  Please donít spank the confession out of me!
  I just couldnít help myself.
  I did, but I confessed and I really tried to be sorry.
  Iím powdered tucked and ready to serve.
  I wouldnít want to ruin my look.

5.) Would you spend your last $10 on panties?

  I would invest and save for a future purchase.
  Only $10?
  I just canít wear ragged panties.
  Not only would I - I have!
  My collection is never large enough.

6.) Have you ever had casual sex with someone you didn't know, ie your next door neighbor, the dog walker, that guy/girl at Kinkos?

  I don't need sex; Iím not trapped by my feelings of lust. Besides, Iím way too tucked to get all excited.
  I became familiar quite quickly.
  Hey, that girl/guy wasn't a stranger; I just can't remember their name.
  I have the rug burns to prove it.
  Iím not telling! And I'm not just saying that out of guilt!

7.) Do you feel overused?

  What does that mean?
  Thank you maíam, may I have another?
  Yes... but it's all worth it.
  Sometimes, but it goes away after I shower.
  Is it possible?

8.) Are you wash and wear or are you considered high-maintenance?

  I prefer to think of myself as pure and simplistic.
  Hand wash and drip dry.
  I wash... and wear!
  My boyfriend says I am but my girlfriend doesn't think so.
  Delicate Ė and sexy.

9.) Do you have many friends that love you and cherish you?

  Do one-night-stands count?
  I havenít ever asked.
  But they do not know my secret.
  Oh Iím loved, itís cherished I wonder about.
  I am the sweetest girl on the block.

10.) When in a department store what is your first reaction to seeing the panty section?

  One of each, please!
  I'd better get some more. Most of mine are lost in somebody elseís couch/car seat.
  Dare I?
  I just act natural.
  So much to experience, so little time.

11.) Ok, quick, word-association game, pick the answer that best fit the first thought that entered your head upon seeing the following word: Silk.

  China and other parts of southeast Asia.
  Stockings, darling.
  Satin, lace, color, oh my!
  Sheets, pillows, lingerie

12.) Do you dance often? In your room? In your panties?

  I am well skilled in a number of dance techniques.
  Who doesnít?
  No. Dancing is for slutty young things.
  Possibly... but not after hours.
  Are there cameras?

13.) Are you boring? Does reading your own journal make you unexpectedly drowsy?

  I go back and read the especially juicy parts... God I'm a slut.
  Now, boring is a harsh way to describe it.
  I prefer to call it my diary Ė and it has a lock!
  No, I don't think so... who keeps a journal?
  Oh the tales I could tell.

14.) What do you normally find yourself spending money on?

  As the woman of the house, I keep a budget.
  I spend thriftily.
  A little of this and a very little of that.
  Oh darling, my wardrobe and collection spans closets.
  Clothes, condoms, and short, short skirts.

15.) And finally, are you wearing panties right now?

  Yes, and seven layers of clothing.
  Iíll never tell! No peeking.
  Yes, and donít they lay smoothly and show just enough skin?
  Of course, aren't you?
  I donít know if Iíd go that far!